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Tribbles Plumbing and Heating in Southampton

Southampton : Plumber


Plumbing and Heating



Plumbing repairs, alterations.

Everything from a tap washer to a complete

bathroom installation.


Showers / Power Showers

Wall / Floor tiling

Central heating installations, repairs, alterations

Power flushing

Boiler changes


Gas appliance installation and servicing

Landlord safety certificates

General property maintenance and repairs


All jobs considered


No job too small


All work guaranteed


24 Emergency Call Out


Approved BAXI Installer

"Gas Safe Registered"

NAPIT Plumbing & Electrical


Providing Honest and Reliable

Services for Your Home!


If you require any further information about the services we provide please feel free to call us.

Phone Mick on:

Tel: 023 80 487773


Mobile: 07973 388895


Phone Dave on:

Tel: 023 80 669422


Mobile: 07901 557062



We look forward to hearing from you.

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Tribbles Plumbing and Heating
SO14 1JH  

Tel: 023 80 487773  
Tel 2: 023 80 669422  
Mob: 07973 388895  

Tribbles Plumbing and Heating

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